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I’m Ingrid. 


In 2014, I received my health coach certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  The training was a broad based nutritional health curriculum, but I felt there was a piece missing in the health puzzle.


While at a workshop in Colorado in 2015, I made my first visit to a cannabis dispensary. I was overwhelmed by the variety of options available. I left full of curiosity and confusion and began my cannabis exploration. As I look back on that experience, I realize how difficult it must be for medical patients, often already dealing with life altering health issues, to sift through such options without educated help.


In my search for understanding, I participated in a 4 day intensive cannabis training as well as completing online trainings for cannabis health coaching. I am passionate about learning all I can about this plant and how it can be used to treat various illnesses and symptoms, as well as provide balance and everyday wellness. With this knowledge, I can empower my clients to begin their healing journey with cannabis.

As more and more states have legalized cannabis, both medically and recreationally, I see the importance of educating people on how to use it for their best health.  With the use of medical cannabis, you can become your own healer.



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