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What is the Conscious Cannabis Club? We are a team of cannabis educators and facilitators who see the need to normalize the conversation around cannabis for health, and feel the format of a club that meets regularly would offer such an opportunity. The CCC is a gathering of cannabis advocates who meet online each month to learn, meditate, do yoga, read and discuss all things cannabis. It is a beautiful blend of mind, body and spirit enrichment through the power of cannabis.

I see the greatest value of this membership in the gathering of people from various walks of life, who have different levels of understanding of how to use cannabis for health. The community we create in 2022 has the potential to lift us all, in our knowledge of this sacred plant, in our recognition of the value of gathering, sharing and connecting as we break down the taboos that culture and propaganda have created, falsely, around cannabis.

In a world left mostly bereft of meaningful connection, it is my intention that this club offer a safe and welcoming place to discuss all things cannabis. The online nature of our monthly meetings means that you can connect from anywhere with an internet connection. Each month there will be a different educational focus in our Coffee and Cannabis chats. This is a place to bring questions, share experiences about personal use and outcomes and to just be yourself. The Elevated Meditation offers a beautiful 90 minute guided journey each month, often with healing and increased self-realization as an outcome. Lifted Yoga is a beautiful self-care experience, allowing deep connection to your body. The Higher Education book club is an opportunity to expand your understanding through reading and discussing cannabis related publications with club members. My expectation is that beautiful new relationships will develop and grow over the course of the year. In-person retreats are already being formulated, offering connection in a more intimate way for those who desire it.

My experience with plant medicine is that it breaks down the walls that culture often encourages. It has allowed me to see people at a soul level. Plant medicine doesn't tolerate lies, cultural manipulations and misinformation. It opens the body and mind to healing in a way that modern western medicine often inhibits.

There is so much to be learned about cannabis. There are so many health issues that can be mitigated with the use of cannabis. Without education, individuals are left to find their way in a system that has only begrudgingly offered legality to this magnificent natural healer. I invite you to join the Conscious Cannabis Club and be part of a new kind of community, one built upon the idea that with the right tools and understanding, we can become our own healer.

The cost for this club membership is only $299 for the entirety of 2022. That means for the cost of $25 per month, you get all the membership offers, plus the unknown (as yet) benefit of belonging to a community of cannabis advocates. As an additional incentive, the first 20 to sign up for the membership will receive bonuses valued at $200, making this an even better value. To learn more and sign up, click here: Our first club meeting is January 3. We'd love to have you join us.

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