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Conscious Cannabis Club Team

Who We Are


Ingrid Chapman

Cannabis Health Coach, CCC Facilitator

Ingrid is a certified cannabis health coach, cannabis advocate, IIN certified health coach, shaman and psychedelic journey facilitator. She believes we all hold the power to heal ourselves, with cannabis being a powerful tool in that healing process. Her desire to normalize the conversation around cannabis is the impetus for the Conscious Cannabis Club. Ingrid approaches life with curiosity and enthusiasm, encouraging her clients to step outside the known boundaries and find solutions that work for them. 


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Yvette Carrie

Elevated Meditations, Coffee & Cannabis, Higher Education Book Club

Yvette is a credentialed Cannabis Assisted Psychedelic Therapy provider who became an advocate for cannabis after personally experiencing its healing benefits. She enjoys studying diverse subjects such as psychedelics, health, science, technology, metaphysics, shamanism and herbalism. She helps clients approach wellness from a holistic perspective and uses her training and experience to facilitate unique solutions for their unique needs. 


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Tatyana Keney

Elevated Meditation, Lifted Yoga

Tatyana believes all healing is relational and provides a compassionate and understanding place for you to explore healthier ways of being. She offers both individual and group zoom sessions with a transpersonal and psychedelic perspective and has an in-depth understanding of using sacred medicines in support of your emotional well-being. She also provides Psychedelic Integration, Life Coaching, Health and Fitness Consulting, and Accountability.


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Cindy Tadje

Lifted Yoga

Cindy is an enthusiastic mystic-scientist. Her love for the body-mind-soul connection has led her to various studies. In addition to her yoga credentials, she's been a personal trainer, mediation guide, and wellness consultant. Incorporating cannabis, yoga, and breathwork is a practice that has helped her come home to who she really is. Her passion is to help others relieve pain, whether that be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual.

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Tracy Durrant

Energy Healing

Tracy Durrant is a seasoned Energy Healer that has been certified as a Shaman, Medium and Certified Emotion Code Practitioner (CECP). Tracy excels at assisting her clients into aligning their mind, body and soul. Whether the goal is to reclaim lost power or to release debilitating and complex energies that have held them stagnant, she can help. Her intuitive skills and guidance can help you get back on track or connect you to a loved one's message.


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